How to Resolve Quickbooks Error 6129- Know here

Quickbooks Error 6129

How to Resolve Quickbooks Error 6129- Know here

Quickbooks has the best features as accounting software that can smooth or ease the working progress. But, its errors can lead to hindrances in the system. Quickbooks Error 6129 is one such error that leads to the error issue. In order to remove the error issue, read the guide below

What is a Quickbooks error 6129 

Quickbooks Error 6129

Quickbooks error 6129 arises because of the failure in the procedure of accessing the company file. The error comes with the text saying “Error code 6129, 0 Quickbooks has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

What triggers Quickbooks error 6129.

  • The first cause can be improper system shut down.
  • Corrupted and damaged files with extension .nd
  • Antivirus and antimalware can be another cause.
  • Uninstalling the Quickbooks software mistakenly.
  • Domain and server are not matching
  • Making an invalid entry to the windows registry.

Signs of error code 6129, 0 Quickbooks

  • Witnessing a sudden crash in the active window.
  • Freezing in the system.
  • Windows performing slowly and sluggishly.

How to Troubleshoot Quickbooks error 6129 0

Situation 1: Update the company files 

  • You need to verify first if the program is related to the file or not. Then, navigate to the sample company file and double-click on it.
  • Move towards the below-given steps if the problem is occurring.
  • In order to perform the below solutions first log in as window admin.
  1. Creating another folder for Quickbooks 
  • Create another company file folder.
  • Try to make a new folder and to move the file into it.
  • If you are having Quickbooks in more than one system then navigate to the window start button.
  • Double-click on programs.
  • Click on Quickbooks database server manager.
  • Go to the scan folder option.
  • If there is no folder having the company file then select add a new folder.
  • Now, select the scan option.
  • Move towards close if the scanning process is completed.
  • At last, navigate to the company file and double-click on it.
  1. Update Quickbooks
  • Move to Quickbooks and open it.
  • Navigate to the help menu and choose update Quickbooks desktop.
  • Click on the update now.
  • Select get updates.
  • Restart the system.
  • After finishing the download process, click on the window containing instructions and install the updates.
  1. Use Windows in Safe Mode
  • Without making any changes, start your system.
  • Move towards the running anti-virus software and turn it off.
  • Select create another company file.
  • Try to keep the system in working mode.
  • Reboot the system.
  • Open Quickbooks and then try to open the company file.
  • Now, check if the error is gone or not.
  1. Rename Quickbooks files (.ND)
  • Open Quickbooks and look for .ND files.
  • Right-click on the old name of the file and try to rename it.
  • Enter OLD at the end of the file name.
  • Now, you don’t require to do any further steps if you are having Quickbooks in one system. But, move on to the other steps below if the case is vice-versa.
  • Navigate to the Windows start menu.
  • Click on the programs and then on Quickbooks.
  • Choose Quickbooks database server manager and also select scan folder.
  • Go to add the folder and add the one which you want to.
  • Hit on the scan tab.
  • If the scanning process is done then close it.
  • Navigate to the file and check the error.
  1. Run Windows as the administrator
  • Open the company file.
  • Login windows as the system administrator for updating the company file.
  • You are required to have an admin logo. If you do not access it then you can take the help of technicians.
  1. Easy Step Interview
  • When the easy step interview appears on your system’s screen, leave it by clicking on the tab.
  • Click on the tab named yes showing under save the file.
  • Name your file followed by saving it.
  1. Get all the system in one domain

In order to resolve the error code 6129 0, the user has to get all the system on one domain which you can easily do it with the help of an IT technician or network administrator. 

Situation 2: If having a new company file

  • Click on the easy action interview and hit the exit option.
  • Save the file and hit on the yes tab.
  • Try to type the different file name and also save it.

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You can contact the Quickbooks customer care team if the above solutions would not fix the problem. We hope that you like this article containing all the solutions that as a user you should need to know.

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