How to Fix Quickbooks Error 6144 82 [Fixation Guide]

Quickbooks Error 6144 82

How to Fix Quickbooks Error 6144 82 [Fixation Guide]

Quickbooks providing the versatility of different features within just one platform. Through its different functions and dynamically, the tool emerging as the best accounting software in the world. Whether we talk about invoicing, data management, and Payroll, Quickbooks provides easy accessibility to its users. But, like software tends to corrupt with some technical glitches and bugs, this software also slows down with several errors. In this guide below, we will discuss one such Quickbooks error 6144 82.

What is a Quickbooks error 6144 82

Quickbooks Error 6144 82

Quickbooks error 6144 82 enters into the system when there are some issues within the configured system. If it is irregular and incorrect then lead to this error issue.

What triggers Quickbooks error -6144 -82

  • Having a Trojan attack on the software makes it corrupted.
  • Damages of hard disk and ram lead to the loss of data files thus leads the error.
  • Installing corrupted Quickbooks software.
  • Poor network connection.
  • Unknowingly deleting the company files.

When Quickbooks code 6144 82 prompts up

  • When you download corrupt Quickbooks.
  • During installing the operating system.
  • Installing any program and Quickbooks is running in the background.
  • At the time of starting and shutting down the computer.

What are the indications of Quickbooks error -6144 -82

  • Freezing in the system.
  • Sluggish performance of the windows and does not respond to the command.
  • Slowing down of active programs.
  • Lastly, the error text.

How to Troubleshoot Quickbooks error 6144 82

After getting a glimpse of what is error 6144 82 Quickbooks, when does it appear, and what are its signs and symptoms. Let’s now jump into the fixes that you can easily try to troubleshoot the error issue.

  • Try to start Quickbooks Service

  • Go to the start icon and select the services.
  • Navigate to the QBFCMonitoringservice.
  • Choose start in the start status and automatic in the startup type.
  • After that, hit the OK button.
  • If you are unable to see it then navigate to radio, hit on apply and select the OK tab.
  • Modify the account type

  • Move to the start icon.
  • Select the control panel and thereon choose the user account.
  • Click on add/remove the user account.
  • Then, move to the QBDserviceuser23 and try to modify the account as per the requirement.
  • Select the administrator user icon.
  • Create the folder in C Drive

Try to create a new folder with QB in the name and choose the read/write options for the folders that are created. The below-mentioned folders need to be created in order to resolve the error 6144 82 Quickbooks.

  • Administrators
  • QBDataServiceuser23
  • Users
  • Everyone
  • System
  • New

After providing read/write permission to each of these folders, click on the Share tab to share them with the system.

  • Copy Company File Name

  • Move to the system C drive and click on the users.
  • Select the public icon and also choose the public documents.
  • Navigate to the Quickbooks icon and select the company files option that will enable you to see the default location of the QB files.
  • At last, click on the QB file and copy & paste it into the new folder.
  • Firewall Configuration

  • Navigate to the firewall and click on the windows firewall.
  • Then, click on the advanced settings and choose inbound rules.
  • Theron, move to the new rule and try to fill in the specific local ports.
  • Finally, press the next button.

The table below will help you to fill in the correct port number. So, check it below before filling.

Port Numbers For Different Versions

Quickbooks 2015:        8019, 56725, 55363-55367
Quickbooks 2014:        8019, 56724, 55358-55362
Quickbooks 2013:        8019, 56723, 55353-55357
Quickbooks 2012:        8019, 56722, 55348-55352
Quickbooks 2011:        8019, 56721, 55343-55347
Quickbooks 2010:        8019, 56720, 55338-55348
Quickbooks 2009:        8019, 56719, 55333-55337
  • Use Quickbooks Database Server Manager

  • Go to the programs and click on the Quickbooks icon.
  • Choose Quickbooks database server manager.
  • Select the add folder tab.
  • Navigate to the C drive then take the next step by browsing and adding the Quickbooks folder.
  • Select the start scan button and try to scan the QB file.
  • Open & Restore Company File

  • Navigate to the server computer and try to open the Quickbooks in multi-user mode.
  • Select the open & restore company.
  • Click on the Quickbooks company file Get back to business and select the file in multi-user mode.
  • When the hosting becomes enabled. Go to the file and click on utilities.
  • Finally, choose to stop hosting multi-user access.
  • Rename .ND and .TLG 

  • Hit the button F2 from the keyboard.
  • Now, check the file information that will provide you the location of the file.
  • Then, open the file by double-clicking on the location.
  • Look for .ND and .TLG files having the same name as the company file.
  • Finally, try to rename the files with .OLD.

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Winding up!

With these solutions above, you can easily resolve the error issue. But, if you find yourself unable to perform these tasks then you can take the help of the Quickbooks customer care team they will surely resolve the error issue for you. 

Quickbooks error 6144 82

Quickbooks error -6144, -82

Quickbooks error -6144 -82

Quickbooks error code 6144 82

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